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About 「I for You-Sora」

The living behavior becomes decent by the life of the sincerity,  the basic etiquette method is nurtured and popularized in the environment of family life and school life, and the sincerity can keep on.

The Matsudaira method will study the manners and provide "I for You-Sora" suitable for contemporary life, based on Japanese tradition, in order to acquire cultural prosperity as a cultural state and an international person.
Those studied Matsudaira method will be given a certificate of completion as a proof that sent "I for You-Sora" to the world.

Yoshiko Matsudaira

The spirit of Way of Tea is based on
Jin, Gi, Rei, Chi and Shin of Confucianism.

Jin, Gi, Rei, Chi and Shin of Confucianism.
Jin(Virtue) Chasen
(tea whisk)
Omotenashi mind to whisk for others by shaving itself.
Gi(Honour) Natsume
(tea container)
Strong mind to perform even lid and body being apart.
Rei(Courtesy) Sensu
(folding fan)
Heartfelt thanks to treat with courtesy folding correctly.
Chi(Wisdom) Chashaku
(tea scoop)
Smart mind to adjust taste by scoop for guests.
Shin(Trust) Chawan
(tea cup)
Honest heart to have tea trustingly.
Jin, Gi, Rei, Chi and Shin of Confucianism.
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