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In Japan, there is a concept called “OMOTENASHI" based on high spirituality, not just material nor matters. It is Japanese treasure in the global society including children and us. Our Association, thinks that we need both the skills, the creativity in the foundation of the intellect and the human power. We believe that the development of human resources who can embody and demonstrate OMOTENASHI will increase the number of people who are happy with smiles around them, with human relations in all aspects as good contacts.

“Services” that require action standardized by anyone are technologies that provide a certain level of quality “anytime, anywhere, to anyone”. On the other hand, Japanese hospitality is a technology that snuggles up to the customer in front of you and instantly conveys it to the actual and potential needs of customers who do not reach the words in an optimal form. It is a valuable “behavior” that can be offered to you 「Right now, Right here, Right before you!」

We welcome Yoshiko Matsudaira to be our Chairlady who is introducing Tokugawa's 270-year manner not only stay on the surface. We are going to send the “OMOTENASHI” based on the Japanese culture and the manners of heart and spirituality from Japan to the world. Contributing to a peaceful world filled with smiles.

Japan Omotenashi Concierge Association
Representative Yumi Kuroiwa
代表理事 黒岩 友美


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