Japan Omotenashi Concierge®Association

Association Introduction

Association Introduction

Japan Omotenashi Concierge®Association.
Aim of establishment Cultivating “OMOTENASHI", a traditional culture of Japan, to global society, and by sending “Omotenashi concierge®" to the place where “Omotenashi" is necessary. It will help for spreading the “Omotenashi" that deeply touches people and realize the world that cherishes peace.
Business Contents ●Omotenashi concierge®certification business
●Omotenashi concierge®eduction business
●Omotenashi concierge®dispatching business for training
●Omotenashi concierge®dispatching business for VIPs visiting Japan
●Omotenashi concierge®dispatching business to local and sightseeing tourism
Tutors Team ●Tutors with deep knowledge of Japanese traditional culture
●Tutors who are familiar with the global social environment
●Tutors who practiced hospitality for many years on the global stage
Representative Director Yumi Kuroiwa
Establishment date 30 April 2016
Address 〒113-0001
Room 601, 1-2-2 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo,Japan
Contacts TEL:03-5840-6840
URL: www.joca-japan.com


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